Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick Post

It is so GREAT to see all of these new followers!!!  I am trying to catch up on everything and if I have not added you I will soon I promise!  After my retreat last weekend I had to finish working on my daughters school Spring Fundraiser.  Now I am trying to pack the family up for our cruise that we leave for in just a couple of days, YEAH!!!  I will have another retreat when I get back and then I will have time to sit down and enjoy everyone's blogs.

I just love making Christmas cards and I wanted to practice coloring with Copic markers.  I just love this little girl :)


  1. This card is so pretty..Momo sent me..
    Just became a new follower..Would love it if you decided to follow my blog.

  2. "Momo Sent Me"... Just poppin' in to say "Hi"... and take a look around. My first time here and a new follower... *Ü*. I'm looking forward to visiting with you often.
    **Lots of Hugs**
    P.S. I ♥ your creativity... *Ü*!

  3. Great card, super cute! Look forward to seeing more of your creations. I found you through Made by Momo's blog followers post. Following now! =)


  4. Super cute card. found your blog from Momo's site. I am a follower now. I am very new at blogging and only have one project posted on my blog but feel free to check it out. There will be more posted.

    Happy Crafting,


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